Your Kaiser Permanente wellness program

At Kaiser Permanente, wellness and prevention are in our DNA, and we’re proud to team up with the City & County to make your well-being a priority.

Take small steps to reach your health goals

When you think about it, change is easy! As long as you start small. There are countless little things you can do each day to feel a little better or get a little healthier. Choose one easy goal per day, such as:

  • Eating a balanced breakfast
  • Changing out 1 regular snack for a piece of fruit
  • Fitting in a 10-minute walk
  • Going to bed a half-hour earlier

Make well-being a priority

B.J. Fogg, a renowned Stanford University behavior change researcher, shows you how to form healthy habits including eating better and exercising more in 3 short videos.

Watch the videos on how taking small steps, creating reminders, and congratulating yourself can help lead you toward a healthier life.