Top reasons to choose Kaiser Permanente

A better choice for good health

With care and coverage working seamlessly together, Kaiser Permanente is uniquely designed to give you the information and support you need to live healthy.

Better care

You get great care, backed by innovative technology. Your care team can securely access your up-to-date health information and make sure you get care that’s right for you.

Better doctors

You get top Kaiser Permanente doctors who aren’t burdened with excessive insurance paperwork or aid by procedure. Their only focus and incentive is working together with you to deliver the care you really need.

Better access

You get information and tools that make it easy for you to get and stay healthy—including easy-to-schedule appointments, email access to your doctor, telephone health advice, and helpful online tools.

Better visits

You get the convenience of being able to take care of multiple services in one trip, with virtually no paperwork. At most locations, your doctor, lab services, X-rays, and pharmacy are all together in one place.