Care the way you want it

From the way you interact with your doctor to the device you use to stay on top of your care, you’ve got many convenient options.

In person

Visit your doctor for routine care, preventive services, care when you’re not feeling well, and more. You may also be able to schedule same-day appointments for many services at several of our locations.


Have a condition that doesn’t require an in-person exam? Save yourself a trip to the office by scheduling a telephone visit with a Kaiser Permanente doctor at no co-pay.


Want a convenient, secure way to see a doctor wherever you are? Meet face-to-face online. Call us or email your doctor’s office to see if video visits are available to you at no co-pay.


For certain common ailments, you can complete an online questionnaire and – depending on your responses and symptoms – you’ll be prompted with recommended self-help or over-the-counter remedies at no co-pay.