Workforce Health

Hawaii Employer-Union Health Benefits Trust Fund (EUTF) and Kaiser Permanente are teaming up to bring you resources and interactive tools that can help you get on track to a healthier you.

Gear up for a healthier you

Take advantage of the great benefits Kaiser Permanente offers to EUTF members. These include online resources and tools for healthy eating, losing weight, and achieving other wellness goals.

Assess your health and get rewarded

Complete a free online total health assessment, Succeed®, and receive a $25 reward card. Your answers generate a personalized action plan and helpful suggestions for improving your overall well-being.

Earn additional rewards

Complete up to 3 online healthy lifestyle programs and receive an additional $25 reward card for each program completed. Our online healthy lifestyle programs are free, interactive, and personalized programs that empower you to take charge of your own health and reshape your lifestyle.

You are responsible for any taxes that may be due on the amounts received. Please talk to your personal tax adviser for specific tax information about this reward.

The rewards program runs from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017 and is open to all EUTF subscribers and their enrolled dependents, 18 years old and older, except for those enrolled in the HSTA VB Plan. Total health assessments and healthy lifestyle programs completed before July 1, 2016 may be eligible for Kaiser Permanente rewards under the rewards program for the plan year ending June 30, 2016. You can take the total health assessment as often as you like and as many healthy lifestyle programs as you like, but you can only earn up to $100 per contract period. You must complete the activities during the contract year. Rewards will be issued 4 to 6 weeks after you complete your activity. Reward cards expire 12 months after activation.

Monthly Health Topic

Connecting with others face-to-face can do wonders for your physical and emotional wellness.

Programs and classes

Get online programs, special rates, and classes offered at our medical centers to help you live healthier.
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