Celebrating a lasting relationship

ILWU-PMA and Kaiser Permanente:
Collaborating for a history of better health

Over 65 years of better health

It all started on June 7, 1945, when the Stewards and Executive Council of the ILWU’s Oakland local voted unanimously to make coverage in the health plan of the Permanente Foundation a part of its future negotiations with employers. A focus on prevention combined with  advanced medical equipment in the Kaiser Permanente facilities aligned with a vision to provide high-quality health care to ILWU’s membership.


Forward thinking ILWU president Harry Bridges would later bring Kaiser Permanente into the fold for all of ILWU’s members up and down the west coast. The collaboration was so strong that Kaiser Permanente agreed to build the Harbor City hospital to serve the South Bay longshoremen.

Advancing the future of total health

  • The same spirit that aligned the collaboration between ILWU and Kaiser Permanente is still strong today. We continue to serve the ILWU-PMA membership today and are bringing the latest in medical facilities and services to the communities they live in.

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