Wellness Testimonial

I’m in a support group at Kaiser Permanente and we talk about medication and information online. I go on kp.org a lot. I knew I needed some guidance – I decided to try it (wellness coaching) and it is really working out. I have my Kaiser Permanente wellness coach and I also have a Kaiser Permanente nutritionist. I’m really glad I did this. It’s helping me out a lot. I have a problem with consistency and staying on point – the wellness coach proposed several solutions and I went with one of the solutions.

The wellness coaching is helping me with my self-esteem – it helps to give me confidence and she helps me put what I know I should do into action. She gives me assignments and encouragement. I have that help now – before, I was doing it all by myself – knowing I have help makes me feel better – someone is concerned about me. It helps me stay on track.

When I work with a Kaiser Permanente nutritionist, I do this all through video visits. I also used it once with my coach. The Wellness Coach helps me put all of the ideas into practice – what do I need to do and how I will do it. It helps me out a lot. Her name is Tracy.

Learn more about wellness coaching:

Call 1-866-862-4295, Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time, to make an appointment. Coaching is offered in English and Spanish, no referral is needed, and there’s no charge for Kaiser Permanente members.

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Kaiser Permanente member (Largo)