Questions and answers


Q. Will my employer know if I have activated a account?
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A. No. Your employer will not know you have activated a account unless you authorize this information to be shared in order to earn a reward. You can activate a account only if you are a Kaiser Permanente member.

Q. Will Kaiser Permanente or my employer know that I have taken a Total Health Assessment or another Healthy Lifestyle Program?
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A. Kaiser Permanente and your employer may know that you have taken a Total Health Assessment or another healthy lifestyle program only only if you have authorized that information to be shared for purposes of administering your reward, The personal health information from your assessment will not be shared with Kaiser Permanente health plan or your employer. If you choose, you may download your assessment results to your electronic medical record, which will make them available to your Kaiser Permanente health care providers.

Q. Why would I share the results of my Total Health Assessment with my Kaiser Permanente doctor?
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A. When you complete your Total Health Assessment, you will be asked if you want the results downloaded to your electronic medical record so your Kaiser Permanente health care providers may view it. We offer you this option because we believe that your personal physician can provide better health care when he or she knows you better. You can use your results to help you discuss your health and any lifestyle changes you’re thinking of making with your physician.

Total Health Assessment

Q. What if I completed the Total Health Assessment questionnaire before I was offered a reward for doing so?
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A. You cannot earn the Total Health Assessment reward retroactively.

If you completed the questionnaire before your rewards program became effective, you must take it again during your reward period. You can retake the total health assessment as often as you would like, but you can only earn rewards, if available, once during the reward period.