Behavioral Health Benefits

Behavioral health benefits are provided by Kaiser and Optum (Active)

Accessing your behavioral health benefits

Your Kaiser Permanente medical plan includes coverage for hospital services, physician visits, laboratory fees, prescription drugs, and behavioral health.1 Behavioral health benefits include inpatient and outpatient mental health and substance abuse services.

In addition to the above coverage, you also have behavioral health coverage through OPTUM. This means that you have access to two behavioral health plans: (1)
Kaiser Permanente and (2) OPTUM.

It is important to note that Kaiser and OPTUM do not coordinate care or costs of behavioral health services. Kaiser will not pay for services received through OPTUM providers. In the same way, OPTUM will not pay for services received through a Kaiser provider or facility. Additionally, each plan has specific requirements for behavioral health services, and these do not cross over between the plans. Therefore, it is critical that you select behavioral health services carefully and follow all of the plan guidelines and authorization requirements for the behavioral health services plan you select.

To learn more about the behavioral benefits offered under each plan, please contact the plans directly.

Kaiser Permanente

Southern California: Call your local clinic number (during business hours)
1-800-900-3277 (after hours)

Northern California: Call your local clinic number (during business hours)
1-925-229-7713 (after hours)


Phone Number: 1-888-440-8225

Website:       Access Code: 11280

1 See your Evidence of Coverage booklet for more details and information on your Kaiser Benefits.