Questions and answers

Here are some answers to questions you may have while considering Kaiser Permanente.

Do I get to choose my own doctor?
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Yes. In fact, we encourage you to. As soon as you’re a member, you can choose your personal physician from one of our primary care departments. (You can change your doctor later for any reason.) Together, you and your doctor can decide what it will take for you to get and stay healthy. And you don’t just get a personal physician—you get the support of an entire health care team, including nurses, specialists, and health educators, who can help you find the resources you need to meet your health goals.

How do I choose my doctor?
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You can use our Web site to search for a primary care clinician who is right for you. You can search by location, gender, specialty, and language spoken. In most regions, you can call Member Services for help selecting a doctor. You can change your doctor for any reason. Find out more about choosing a physician. You can also call personal physician selection services to speak to someone who can guide you to physicians with open panels.

Where can I get care?
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We offer care at many locations nationwide. Once you’re there, you can often save time and energy by taking care of most of your health needs all in one place—from getting an X-ray or lab test to getting a prescription filled. Find a location near you using our facility directory.

How do I make an appointment?
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Once you register on, you can request routine appointments online. If you prefer, you also can call your Kaiser Permanente facility to make or change appointments. You can find the phone numbers in our facility directory.

Can I get my questions answered over the phone?
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Yes. Representatives at Member Services are available to help you find information on the following:

  • benefits and coverage, including adding or deleting dependents, getting copies of your health care coverage terms, claims, and the dispute resolution process
  • copayments and billing
  • enrollment and eligibility
  • ID cards, including replacing lost or stolen cards
  • services, including healthy living classes and support groups
What is Act for a family member?
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This service allows adult Kaiser Permanente members to see portions of another member’s online health information, as well as exchange secure messages with that person’s doctor. It’s for adults over 18, or for parents of children under a certain age depending on state law. Learn more about Act for a family member.

Can I view health information online for my teen?
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It depends on the age of the teen. Parents in any region can obtain access to their child’s online health information until the child reaches a certain age, depending on state law.

Will all of my lab test results show up in my online medical record?
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The test results we can show online on My Health Manager are limited to results released by a Kaiser Permanente practitioner. Please be aware that not all your test results may be available at the same time. Some test results may still be pending. Some tests cannot be released electronically or because of regulatory restrictions. If you have a question about a specific test result, please contact your health care practitioner.