KP Perks

KP Perks

When you’re a member and not a number, that’s DIFFERENT. Take advantage of some of the programs that are exclusive to you as a Kaiser Permanente Member.

Pre-Diabetes Management:

Learn healthier habits with Omada.

Find out if you qualify for the program and complete at least 16 lessons of the Omada Diabetes Prevention Program to earn a $50 well-being credit.


Weight Management:

Coming soon

WW –Weight loss that works – and lets you live! Designed to help make weight loss easier.  Food, activity, sleep, mindset – it all matters when it comes to weight loss.  Power your success with a new personal assessment and behavior change science to help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate.

Mental Health & Wellbeing:

Healthy lifestyle programs

Wellness coaching by phone

Work of Art – Emotional well-being activities

Renew – Strategies for all aspects of well-being

Extras for your total health

Calm App

MyStrength App