About the tobacco use premium surcharge

The PEBB Program requires a monthly $25 surcharge in addition to your medical plan premium if you are not enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B and you or a family member you enroll on your PEBB medical coverage uses a tobacco product. (Exception: Leave Without Pay members enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B also qualify for the tobacco use surcharge.)

You can waive this surcharge if you respond that all tobacco users are enrolled in your PEBB medical plan’s tobacco cessation program, or access information and resources below. For more information about the tobacco use premium surcharge, visit the PEBB website.

Tobacco cessation program options

1.  Online coaching: Enroll in a web-based behavioral coaching intervention that can be accessed online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HealthMedia® Breathe® supports you as you explore why it’s hard to quit smoking, and offers tips and advice to help you give up the habit.

2.  Wellness coaching by phone: Talk with a coach about your health goals, learn about the process of change, create a customized plan to outline small steps you can take to reach your long-term goals. Schedule convenient phone sessions at times that work for you. Call 1-866-301-3866 and select option 2.

3.  Tobacco users ages 17 and under: Become a Smokefree Teen! You are considered “enrolled” in a tobacco cessation program if you access the information and resources available on the Smokefree Teen website.