Phone, Video, E-visits, and Email

Care the way you want it

Phone visits
Get same-day care for certain minor issues like sore throat; cold, cough, or allergy symptoms; nausea; or bladder infection. Phone visits are also available for many specialties and primary care.*

Video visits
Make an appointment to meet face-to-face online with a doctor on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. For certain minor issues, same-day video visits are available.* Video visits are also available for many specialties.

Don’t feel like calling? For certain common ailments, you can complete an online questionnaire and — depending on your responses and symptoms — you will be prompted with recommended self-help or over-the-counter remedies. Some conditions will trigger an active response from your care team who will help you decide whether you need a doctor visit, a prescription, or another more urgent course of action.*

Message your doctor’s office with nonurgent questions any time. You can also email a pharmacist with questions about medications. Sign on to or use our mobile app.

For appointments and advice, just call 404-365-0966

*For members who are registered on and have seen their doctor in the past year. Ask if a phone, video, or e-visit is right for you. To register on, visit